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To be continued…

Since October 2013 I’ve been posting new entries on my web site.


No Gas

Sandy, Day 5.  Rumors of a gas shortage.  Commuters in queues, idling, waiting.  “I have a generator, but no gas to put in it,” says the guy from down the street.  My neighbor says he can’t get to work.  “Outta gas,” he says.  Carpools forming spontaneously, out of necessity.  School closing extended indefinitely.  Soccer cancelled for the rest of the season.  It’s starting to sink in just how major Sandy was (is?).  The winds are gone.  We are left with the aftermath.  The clean up.  Certainly not as bad as the days following Katrina for those living in New Orleans in 2005.  A meaningless statement.  General assessments (which average over individual horror) ignore particular stories.  This might be a diverting return to primitive living for me, but for others, the price is much higher.  Lost cars.  Lost homes.  Lives lost.


Without power. Enjoying the disconnected life. No phone. No Internet. No television. No interruptions. Just me and my hurricane lamp and a stack of books. Taste of heaven.